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Dog Photography

As well as baking, I have been doing photography for 16 years, specializing in portrait and event photography. It was common practice to use my dog as a model to test my light before a human subject came by my studio. Now with making dog treats I have had the opportunity to have many furry friends in front of my lens, and they seem to be happy about the treats they get!
Dogs are our family members, they deserve a portrait session just as much as we do. We all take many photos of our pups on our phones, some say too many, I think there can never be too many dog photos. This time put the phone down to let me capture your dog in studio or a chosen location. 
Roman the Husky laying down in a garden looking at the camera with his tongue hanging out Russell the senior Chihuahua laying on a pink stool looking off in the distance
Photo shoots start at $150 for a 30 minute session. Session price includes my time to photograph your dog and two images/edits with the option to purchase more. Photo options will be provided in an online gallery to make selections. Additional photos can be purchased singularly or in packages. 
- A 100gram bag of Ray's Dog Treats to be provided and used during the session that will be sent home with you. 
*Due to Covid restrictions and me being a high risk individual, the following must be followed : For location shoots all humans must sanitize hands, wear masks(unless in photos) and maintain distance. For studio shoots only dogs will be permitted into the studio for photos at this time. Located at E5th and Scotia there are multiple local coffee shops to pick up from for humans to occupy their time waiting. If you would like to tune into the shoot via facetime that is encouraged and can be arranged!