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Are your treats homemade?

Yes - every single treat is rolled, cut out and hand punched with a message,  name or design. We bake in small batch orders to ensure quality and consistency. 

How do you add names to the treats?

We have a handy little tool that allows us to place letters onto a stamp and then we punch the names or messages into every single treat. 

How long do your treats last?

Our treats contain no additives, preservatives, or ingredients that go bad quickly. Treats are baked in a way to remove moisture and naturally preserve them.

Treats can be eaten up to 3-4 months although they are best enjoyed by your dog within a month of opening. It is recommended for your treats to be stored in a dark, cool place, or your dogs mouth. (heat and humidity will affect how long they last). 

How many treats are in each bag? 

We fill our bags by weight to ensure each bag has the same amount. Due to our different bag and treat sizes the amount can vary depending on what you purchase. 

Can I buy Ray's Dog Treats in any pet stores?

Currently Ray's Dog Treats is a small home business but we hope to be able to have our treats available in some local stores in the near future. If you are a store interested in carrying our treats please email us at


Peanut Butter [Natural Unsalted], Pumpkin, Eggs, Oats, Flaxseed, Brown Rice Flour

Are your treats wheat-free?

Our dog treats are wheat free. Commonly used as a filler with no added nutritional benefits for your dogs, wheat is not something we have included in our recipes. We only want the best for your pups. We use gluten free oats, organic flaxseed and organic brown rice flour as the dry ingredients in our dog treats.  

Are Ray's Dog Treats actually healthy for my dog?

These are treats and are not to be used in place of proper meals. That being said they are filled with ingredients that are great for your dog. 

We don't use any fillers or artificial ingredients in our treats. Instead we use products that promote a good coat, proper digestion and stools. Plus dogs cannot resist the peanut butter goodness! Please spoil your dogs but always give treats in moderation. 


Where do you ship?

We are currently only offering shipping within Canada. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Due to Covid-19 and the Holiday season it may take a little longer to receive your package. Shipping is new to us so please bear with us as we sort out how to make it as easy and least expensive as we can for you. 

As of December 6th 2020 we will be offering local delivery in the Vancouver area. Deliveries will be made on a weekly basis. You will be notified upon purchase if you select local delivery.